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CIO Forum

Sunday, February 19, 2017 | 9:00am - 5:00pm

Location: Hyatt Regency Orlando, Windermere Ballroom
Fee: $350
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Presented by CHIME & HIMSS

Exceptional Leaders Transforming Healthcare: Change Leadership

Healthcare continues to experience an accelerated rate of complex change, and healthcare IT executives are facing the challenges of leading their organizations and teams to achieve new goals at a faster pace than ever. Healthcare organizations are setting new strategies to succeed in this demanding environment, and the need for health IT executives to be true change leaders has never been more acute.  

John Kotter, whose work has guided successful change management practices across industries for decades, has recently turned to focusing on the critical need for effective change leaders.  He has defined the challenge this way:

The world, as we all know, doesn’t do much change leadership, since change leadership is associated with the bigger leaps that we have to make, associated with windows of opportunity that are coming at us faster, staying open less time, bigger hazards and bullets coming at us faster, so you really have to make a larger leap at a faster speed.
John Kotter

Change leadership for HIT executives involves not only leading the way through dynamic and challenging changes in technology and cybersecurity, but also calls on us as leaders to bring new ideas and innovation to our healthcare organizations. This often requires us to assist our colleagues and teams to see a great new vision for the future and to effectively usher in improvements and new capabilities.

Our CHIME-HIMSS 2017 CIO Forum will address critical areas of health IT executive change leadership.  Please join us to hear from nationally-recognized faculty while reflecting on ways to lead your organizations through the increasing challenges ahead.

Overall Forum Learning Objectives:

  • Review current trends, threats and responses needed to maintain an effective cybersecurity capability
  • Explain the concepts and applications of block chain technology and the potential impact on healthcare information technology
  • Identify the skills health IT executives need to continue to lead change with other members of the C Suite

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