Payer Forum

Connecting Payers and Providers in Value-Based Care through Data and Information

In a time of changing care and payment models, provider and payer collaborations are becoming more essential. People, processes, and technologies that are enabling this shift are predicated on not only good information but its optimal utilization. In this three session forum, you will learn about a successful value-based specialty care model from a payer network, and explore a use case of how an advanced population analytics solution leverages an integrated care model, an advanced clinical model, IT and enablement systems, risk experience and capital to improve quality of care outcomes, lower the cost and optimize revenue. Wrapping up the forum will be a facilitated discussion to identify and assess data and information gaps, barriers, and challenges, and collaborate with the audience to develop solutions and strategies for a path forward toward improved provider-payer collaborations in this new value-based ecosystem.

Attendees will also have an opportunity to explore many of these data and exchange issues through a tour of the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase, and continue the connectivity with endorser partners BlueCross BlueShield Association and Health Level Seven (HL7) a meetup event at the HIMSS Spot.