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Charles is a physician at an ambulatory location of a large hospital system, where he sees patients every day, treating them both in-person and via connected health technologies. His patients’ health, safety and experience of care are his priority, and he must constantly balance the treatment of his patients with the business and regulation of healthcare.

Charles knows how important it is to actively engage his patients in their own care, as well as for him to engage with innovative technology in order to better treat them.

He is concerned with:

  • Positively impacting patient care and outcomes while keeping up to speed with the ever-changing fields of healthcare and IT
  • Feeling rushed when seeing patients due to time spent on learning and using EHRs and other new technologies and data entry systems
  • Working with a lack of interoperability between EHRs and other systems, and with systems that are not optimized to support clinical workflow
  • Learning about and adapting to the new MACRA regulation
  • Identifying and implementing specific quality reporting requirements
  • Coordinating care to improve population health
  • Navigating around barriers in access to mobile health, and maintaining his patients’ privacy and security
  • Maintaining joy and satisfaction in his work

Charles knows that his patients are relying on him to integrate the many benefits of technology into their care, and that by equipping himself with the latest health IT education and innovations, he can continue to transform health and lives.

At HIMSS17, Charles will discover resources and tools to help him rediscover the joy in his practice, as he connects with and gains support from thousands of colleagues who understand his challenges and share his vision to engage patients and technology to transform health through IT. He will find 300+ education programs, 1,200+ vendors, hundreds of special programs, and limitless networking opportunities – all designed to equip him to navigate the ever-changing, challenging world of health IT.

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February 19
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