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Kevin is an IT professional at a small health system, where he acts as an intermediary between IT, clinical engineering, and a variety of clinical departments. Working in the shadow of a large area health system operating a fairly advanced health IT environment, Kevin is acutely aware that his health system’s comparatively limited health IT capability is becoming a source of frustration for his clinical staff. As a result, Kevin has been focused this past year on optimizing the end user’s experience with technology systems, as well as identifying “low-hanging fruit” opportunities within the system where health IT could have a high and positive impact on clinical outcomes.

Kevin constantly innovates as he looks for ways to improve clinical systems and processes. He is most concerned with:

  • Advancing the health system’s EHR capabilities
  • Readying the system for sharing and receiving data from area clinical providers and provider organizations
  • Detecting and protecting against cybersecurity breaches
  • Supporting imaging-related IT systems across the healthcare enterprise
  • Analyzing how hospital staff interact with patients, data and systems in order to optimize their processes and streamline workflow
  • Problem-solving and finding solutions to new challenges while adapting to the continuously changing work environments of both healthcare and IT

Kevin knows that he needs to keep up with the most accurate and up-to-date information on health IT trends, innovations and advances in order to continue to play his critical role in transforming health and lives.

At HIMSS17, Kevin will discover answers to his questions, explore the latest products and solutions, and connect with and learn from experts and colleagues. He will find 300+ education programs, 1,200+ vendors, hundreds of special programs, and limitless networking opportunities – all designed to equip him to navigate the ever-changing, challenging world of health IT.

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