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Jump Start Your Care Management Program: Strategies for Delivering Efficient, Effective Care

February 21, 2017 — 08:00AM EST - 09:00AM EST

Join Salesforce for an Exclusive HIMSS17 Breakfast Briefing

Presented by:
Melissa Boyle
Senior Director: Healthcare Industries

Dr. Sawad Thotathil
Principal, Connected health Persistent Systems Ltd.

Researchers estimate that inadequate care coordination resulted in $25 to $ 45 billion in wasteful spending in 2011 alone due to avoidable complications and unnecessary hospital readmissions. When care management is done right, it presents an exciting new way to transform healthcare delivery by engaging patients outside the walls of care and monitoring them throughout their healthcare experiences. Connecting with patients outside the walls of care and engaging them throughout their healthcare journey.

Join us to hear how leading providers are using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application to deliver care management that is truly patient-centric to significantly cut readmission rates and decrease costs.

Breakfast will be served.

Optimize OR Block Schedules Using Machine Learning and Mobile Technologies to Improve Access and Lower Costs by $500K+ per OR Per Year

February 22, 2017 — 11:15AM EST - 12:15PM EST

Join LeanTaaS for a HIMSS17 Lunch & Learn

Presented by:
Ashley Walsh, MHA
Perioperative Business Manager, UCHealth

Sanjeev Agrawal
President and CMO, LeanTaaS

Healthcare providers feel significant pressure to meet the needs of surgeons and nursing staff while balancing operational targets (utilization, access, revenue). Current block schedule management approaches, which often rely on intuition and “tribal” rules, make it challenging to allocate OR time fairly and efficiently.

UCHealth solved this problem by leveraging predictive analytics and big data. This session will explain how UCHealth improved OR utilization and productivity with secure and convenient mobile block exchange, optimized staffing plans, smart block schedules, and an actionable performance tracker that ensures the right surgeon gets the right block at the right time.

Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Enabling Precision Medicine Through NGS-based Screening and Diagnostic Testing

February 20, 2017 — 11:15AM EST - 12:15PM EST

Join Intel for a HIMSS17 Lunch & Learn

 Presented by:

Ramon Felciano, CTO and Vice President, Technology and Global Strategy

Global Manager, Clinical Testing Solutions, QIAGEN Bioinformatics


Kristina Kermanshahche, Global Director of Life Sciences, Intel

Are you interested in NGS-based genetic testing across a range of cancer, hereditary, and rare diseases?

Learn how a leading academic hospital used a robust informatics platform to accelerate the deployment of validated precision medicine capabilities from sample to insight.

QIAGEN provides an instrument-, platform-, assay- and pipeline-agnostic solution, that enables health care providers to scale sequencing, analysis, interpretation and reporting of screening, diagnostic and monitoring test offerings, fully integrated with hospital information systems.

Join the discussion on the importance of cost-effective and automated approaches for scaling an organizational capacity for analysis, classification and clinical reporting of relevant variants for delivery to physician providers.

Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Pandemic Issues of Image Management: Implicit Risks in Security and Patient Care

February 21, 2017 — 01:00PM EST - 02:00PM EST

Join Agfa HealthCare for a HIMSS17 Lunch & Learn

Presented by:
Ross Koppel, PhD, FACMI
Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania
Senior Fellow, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School
Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics

Cheryl Petersilge, MD
Medical Director, Integrated Content and Enterprise Imaging, Cleveland Clinic

Kim Garriott
Principal Consultant, Healthcare Strategies, Logicalis Healthcare Solutions

Ann O'Brien, MSN, RN
Director of Clinical Informatics, Kaiser Permanente

Fragmentation of care is a pain point across contemporary hospital systems. Using a provocative study led by Ross Koppel, PhD, this session will delve into real-life experiences across a variety of facilities regarding information creation and use of medical images.

Multispecialty images are seldom efficiently and effectively integrated into a medical center’s EHR. Aside from radiology images, medical images are generally created by isolated technologies and are housed in separate servers.

Sharing of information along a continuum of care is typically delayed or requires heroic efforts, if accomplished at all. This scenario presents risk to value-based care at a variety of clinical and operational levels. Join us to explore how these findings can help you identify and mitigate the risks in your organization.

Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Operationalizing Analytics - The Closed Loop

February 20, 2017 — 07:15AM EST - 08:15AM EST

Join Qlik Healthcare for a HIMSS17 Breakfast Briefing

Presented by:
Eric Pennington
Healthcare Strategy & Solutions, Qlik Healthcare

Grab your breakfast and first cup of coffee with us Monday, February 20th at 7:15 a.m. Governed, clean data and meaningful analytics are only a part of an organization's successful
analytics journey. Adoption, along with data-driven clinical and business decisions is an integral, and often evasive component.

Join the Qlik Healthcare Team along with panel of respected industry champions as we explore how analytics can be presented at the point of end-user decision making to increase adoption and ultimately drive analytics value.

Breakfast and refreshments will be served.

Connect, Empower and Engage Patients: Combining the Power of Technology (High-Tech) with the Warmth of Personal Care (High-Touch)

February 21, 2017 — 06:00PM EST - 07:30PM EST
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Bayhill 17

Join Cognizant and Telemetrix/Remote Patient Monitoring, Inc for an exclusive reception

Session Leaders
Patricia (Trish) Birch
SVP and Global Healthcare Consulting Practice Leader, Cognizant

Bret Shillingstad, MD FACS
President and CEO, Telemetrix/Remote Patient Monitoring Inc.

Philip A Smith, MD
Chief Innovation Officer, Telemetrix/Remote Patient Monitoring Inc.

The healthcare industry is on the brink of major reinvention. Advances in telemedicine and telehealth, as well as the proliferation of mobile health apps and remote patient monitoring technologies, have given rise to new business models capable of delivering an increasing range of healthcare services virtually - resulting in new “unwired” and delocalized care delivery models.

Take a break from the hectic activities of HIMSS! Join Cognizant, and Telemetrix/Remote Patient Monitoring Inc. for drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and interactive discussion on how one “high-tech + high-touch” remote patient and home health monitoring solution has successfully brought together advanced, state of the art technology with clinical service delivery to enable patient/provider engagement, dramatic reduction of hospital admissions, and improved delivery outcomes at optimal cost.

Hors d'oeuvres and refreshments will be served.

Enterprise Imaging Strategies for Value-Based Care

February 20, 2017 — 01:00PM EST - 02:00PM EST

Join Carestream Health for a HIMSS17 Lunch & Learn

Presented by:
Dr. Maia Hightower
CMIO, The University of Iowa Healthcare

Rick Perez
Administrative Director Winthrop University Hospital

Kiran Kirshnamurthy
Director, Enterprise Imaging, Carestream Health

What is Enterprise Imaging? The ability to acquire, manage, archive and distribute all clinical data across the enterprise is no small task. HIMSS-SIIM Enterprise Imaging Workgroup has outlined several benefits including the elimination of redundant systems and costs, reduced HIPAA vulnerability, and the acceleration of MACRA readiness.

What should you consider when you build an EI strategy? This diverse panel of experts will discuss both strategic and tactical best practices as well as lessons learned.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define enterprise imaging and its benefits
  • Discuss strategies and programs to implement an enterprise imaging platform
  • Outline and share best practices from around the globe

Space is limited.

Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Welcome / Opening Remarks

February 20, 2017 — 06:00PM EST - 07:30PM EST
Bayhill 17 | Hyatt Regency Hotel

Join Quest Diagnostics for an Exclusive HIMSS17 Reception

Presented by:
Lidia Fonseca
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Quest Diagnostics

Lidia will say a few words about how Quest Diagnostics is advancing its range of technology solutions to support and improve both the clinical workflow and operational decision making for customers.

Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments will be served.

Out THINK Aging: Create a New Vision for Care and Engagement

February 22, 2017 — 11:15AM EST - 12:15PM EST

Join IBM for a HIMSS17 Lunch & Learn

Presented by:
Shelley Gilberg
Vice President, Canadian Healthcare Leader

A panel of esteemed industry colleagues to be named

The world’s population is aging, with individuals over 65 being one of the fastest growing demographics in almost all nations. While this is no surprise, many marketplace sectors and governing bodies are just beginning to acknowledge and confront this important reality and the changing nature of aging. Meeting the needs and quality of life expectations of hundreds of millions of older adults will require new thinking and paradigms about age, new partnerships and ecosystems, community approaches and business models, and new technology including mobile and cloud that provide new opportunities for engagement.

In short, to outthink aging, we need a new vision, including how we assess the needs, capabilities and contributions of this demographic, engage them as part of ecosystems, and create, develop, and deliver solutions destined for a new type of market, a new type of aging individual and changing communities.

Join this lively panel discussion to learn about innovations that are emerging and in practice today to advance this new vision for care and engagement.

Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Driving Patient Safety With Smart Pump-EMR Interoperability -“Lessons Learned”

February 21, 2017 — 03:30PM EST - 04:30PM EST

Join BD for an Exclusive HIMSS17 Afternoon Break

Speaker Panel
Sarah Giga, MS,
Manager, Clinical Integration, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Jennifer Biltoft, PharmD, BCPS
System Clinical Pharmacy Manager, SCL Health

Jamie Schmidl, MSN, RN, NE-BC
Project Coordinator/IS Liaison, Interim Director Nursing Operations, TriHealth

Panel moderated by:  Dan Pettus, Vice President Medication Management IT Solutions

Join us for a panel discussion about key lessons learned and benefits of implementing Alaris™ smart pump-EMR interoperability. Smart pump-EMR interoperability is rapidly becoming the new standard of care since it can help eliminate process gaps that have the potential to impact patient safety. Whether your organization is just beginning the journey or is well on the path to infusion interoperability, this session will provide valuable guidance.

Key topics: Project goals, Implementation approach and lessons learned, Quantified results and benefits, Interactive Q & A

Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Using the cloud to improve security in healthcare

February 20, 2017 — 01:00PM EST - 02:00PM EST

Join Amazon Web Services for a HIMSS17 Lunch and Learn

Presented By:
Todd Brock
Cloud Enterprise Architect

Oxana Pickeral
Global Healthcare Segment Leader

Laurie Tanton-White
Chief Security Officer, Infor

IT security is a top-of-mind concern for many of those working in Healthcare, because Healthcare organizations that suffer security breaches face loss of reputation or even costly fines. Migrating data and applications to the cloud is one way that healthcare organizations can improve their security posture. By adopting cloud-based infrastructure, healthcare organizations can take advantage of technology built for some of the world’s most security-sensitive organizations.

In this presentation, hear about the security features built in to the AWS Cloud, and how Information is leveraging those features in the Infor CloudSuite to improve security of its deployments within Healthcare organizations around the country.

Learn more about: How to handle increasing security threats in Healthcare Moving applications from on premise to the cloud as a strategy “Cloud as a secure environment”, The challenges of hiring, training and retaining security professionals, The advantage of Information applications advanced security capabilities.

Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Demystifying Big Data & Machine Learning for Precision Medicine & Population Health

February 22, 2017 — 11:15AM EST - 12:15PM EST

Join Oracle and INTEL for a Lunch and Learn

Prashant Natarajan BE (Chem),
 MTPC, SCPM Product Director, Oracle Health Sciences

Zeeshan Syed, MD, PhD
Clinical Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Stanford University

Dr. Mohammed Saeed
Physician-Scientist & Hospitalist, University of Michigan

Bob Rogers, PhD
Chief Data Scientist Intel Corporation

Jonathan Sheldon PhD
Global VP Healthcare, Oracle Health Sciences

The sheer variety and volume of disparate healthcare and patient data and how to derive veracity and value out of it remain major challenges in healthcare informatics. This lunch and learn session will explore emerging ways to develop a 360 degrees™ view of the patient to improve their engagement and outcomes for both the individual and populations.

Our panel of industry thought leaders will include discussions on: Separating the hype from the reality; The big and small steps healthcare providers and health systems can take to leverage big data and machine learning for precision medicine, patient wellness, and population health; How big data & machine learning can be woven into existing business intelligence and analytics efforts; Best practices - how to define & measure success.

Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Six Ways Data Quality Issues Erode Trust… and Five Fixes

February 21, 2017 — 01:00PM EST - 02:00PM EST

Join Arcadia Healthcare Solutions for a HIMSS17 Lunch & Learn

Presented By
Michael Simon, PhD
Principal Data Scientist, Arcadia Healthcare Solutions

Data quality issues can undermine trust within your organization and across your network, derailing initiatives and compromising performance. Arcadia Data Scientist Michael Simon is responsible for ensuring data quality during the aggregation of EHR and claims data sources, ranging from the dozens to the hundreds, and has hands-on experience resolving the thorniest challenges.

During this talk, Michael will offer a set of criteria for assessing data quality, followed by six ways data quality can impact your organization and five (or more!) intervention strategies a healthcare organization can implement to improve data quality and restore trust.

Attendees will leave with an action plan for assessing, explaining, and improving data quality within their organizations without imposing more work on physicians.

Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Toward True Systemness

February 21, 2017 — 03:00PM EST - 05:30PM EST

Join Lexmark Healthcare for a HIMSS17 Afternoon Break

Presented by:
Michael Hubble
Managing Director, The Advisory Board Company

Phil Wasson, FACHE
Healthcare Industry Manager, Lexmark Healthcare

Join The Advisory Board and Lexmark Healthcare in a complimentary, educational event where we explore Toward True Systemness to create an operational advancement for clinical excellence In many cases hospital consolidation has often led to higher health care costs, poor hospital financial performance, and little noticeable clinical improvement.

Furthermore, fragmentation is evident among key constituencies, such as facility level executives, physicians and frontline staff. Each group operates independently both of one another and of other hospitals in the system.

This presentation includes in-depth analysis of three leading health systems and their path to excellence as well as focusing on principles to building a successful system such as: writing the system and creating system citizens, and creating the fully-informed health system.

In this presentation, you will learn how to: - Identify the key barriers to system excellence today - Understand the different advantages system integration can provide - Distinguish system and local hospital responsibilities - Create structures to align employees of all levels with both system and local priorities - Optimize information flow across a health system.

Participate in this open forum to gain insights that will help you evolve your facility’s clinical communications requirements .

Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Advancing Science through Google Cloud

February 22, 2017 — 11:15AM EST - 12:15PM EST

Join Google for an exclusive HIMSS17 Lunch & Learn

Presented by:
Greg Moore
Vice President Healthcare, Google Inc.

William Mayo
Chief Information Officer Broad Institute

Join Greg Moore Vice President Healthcare, Google Cloud for lunch and explore how Google Cloud is bringing its technology to the world of Healthcare. Greg will discuss how Healthcare enterprises are harnessing the power of Machine Learning through Google Cloud , to engage with and empower their consumers.

You will also hear from special guest William Mayo, Chief Information Officer, Broad Institute about how their researchers and software engineers are collaborating closely with the Google Genomics team on large-scale genomic data analysis. Broad Institute has reduced the time and cost for whole genome processing by several fold, helping researchers think even bigger. Broad’s open source tools, developed in close collaboration with Google Genomics, are driving the pace of innovation and will be made available to the wider research community.

Broad Institute is one of the largest genome sequencing centers in the world, its DNA sequencers produce more than 20 Terabytes (TB) of genomic data per day, and they run 365 days a year.

Are you ready to reimagine your enterprise in the era of Cloud and ML?

Please register to attend this session, as seats are limited.

Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Get your head in the cloud at the RingCentral VIP cocktail reception

February 21, 2017 — 06:00PM EST - 07:30PM EST
Hyatt Regency Hotel Orlando
Celebration Room 8

Kick off your evening at an exclusive HIMSS17 VIP Customized Cocktail Reception hosted by RingCentral

Presented by:
Ring Central

Join 100 of your colleagues for tasty cocktails, delicious bites, and great networking opportunities. You’ll have the chance to mix and mingle with RingCentral experts to explore how it’s reliable, secure, and cost-effective cloud communications solutions can help your organization deliver better healthcare


in health and IT meet.